Changing the dancing school name

Though it’s been ten years since Linzi first moved to Australia, we’ve kept the school running all that time as Linzi Doherty School of Dancing.

After much deliberation, I decided to make a simple change to the name. Taking account of all the suggestions and feedback from everyone about losing our identity and having built up a great reputation over the years, it seemed to be the best option.

The dancing school’s been part of the community for many years – 18 for us so far and going further back with previous teachers. I hope that will continue until the next teacher takes over in the future.

The only changes that are being made are to the name itself and the logos for stationery, T-shirts and branding. Other than than, the dancing school remains as it has always been and we aim to maintain the high standards that everyone has worked hard to build up.

The existing website will be kept as long as needed, so you can still see all the info and photos at