Presentation night

Our presentation evening is being held on Saturday 21st June 2014 in Calderwood Community Hall.

Exam medals and certificates will be presented as well as special awards and our dancer of the year trophy. Following the awards ceremony, we have a finger buffet, disco and raffles.

Tickets are available during dancing classes.

Dancer of the Year 2013

Congratulations to Reese Hannah, our Dancer of the Year!

From the Bronze 1 class, Reese has worked very hard to achieve the highest exam awards and to learn the show routines. As well as the main stage classes (tap, modern and majorettes), she also takes ballet and is a member of the RazzleStars Musical Theatre Group.

Kate Doherty School of Dance - Dancer of the Year 2013

Join us for Dance Show 2013

Now that our exam work is out of the way for this year, we’ll be concentrating on learning new routines for our 2013 show.

It’s a great time for new dancers to join the classes when everyone’s starting to learn the show dances at the same time.

We have a few spaces in our dance and ballet classes from Infants (age 7+) up to younger teens (Silver) on Saturdays. Older girls, advanced classes and adult modern stage and tap classes are on Thursday evenings and new dancers are very welcome to come along.

For more info please get in touch with Kate.

Exam Results October 2012

Well done to everyone who took BATD exams last week. The results are excellent once again and all the hard work over the last few months has paid off.

Results will be given out during normal classes, and certificates and medals are to be presented in the coming weeks.

Looking forward to getting into full swing with the show work now!

Exams October 2012

BATD examinations will take place on Saturday 27th October. All pupils involved should now have details of their grades and medal tests.

An extra practice session for Infants/Pre-Bronze and Bronze 1 classes is available on Thursday 25th October at 5.15pm.