Medals & Certificates

We’ll be presenting BATD exam medals and certificates at the end of each class next week (Saturday 13th December).

Parents are welcome to come in for the last 10 minutes of classes if they’d like to see the presentations.

BATD Exam Date

The exam date for this spring is Saturday 17th May 2014 in Calderwood Hall. All pupils will receive individual notices of their grades and medal tests, and the uniforms required. Exams are conducted by the British Association of Teachers of Dancing.

BATD Exams

Exams will be held on Saturday 16th November 2013. All pupils involved should now have details of their grade/medal tests and times.

Extra practice dates:
Thursday 7th November 2013 5.15pm to 6pm (Modern & majorettes)
Thursday 14th November 2013 5.15pm to 6pm (Tap grades and medal exams).

Exam Results October 2012

Well done to everyone who took BATD exams last week. The results are excellent once again and all the hard work over the last few months has paid off.

Results will be given out during normal classes, and certificates and medals are to be presented in the coming weeks.

Looking forward to getting into full swing with the show work now!

Exams October 2012

BATD examinations will take place on Saturday 27th October. All pupils involved should now have details of their grades and medal tests.

An extra practice session for Infants/Pre-Bronze and Bronze 1 classes is available on Thursday 25th October at 5.15pm.