Medals & Certificates

We’ll be presenting BATD exam medals and certificates at the end of each class next week (Saturday 13th December).

Parents are welcome to come in for the last 10 minutes of classes if they’d like to see the presentations.

Term dates 2014-15

Saturday Classes

Term Starts: 9th August 2014
September local holiday: 27th September 2014
October holiday: 11th October 2014
Christmas holidays: 20th December, 27th December 2014, 3rd January 2015
Easter holidays: 4th April 2015
Term Ends: 20th June 2015

Thursday Classes

Term Starts: 14th August 2014
October holiday: 16th October 2014
Christmas holidays: 18th December, 25th December 2014, 1st January 2015
Easter holidays: 9th April 2015
Term Ends: 18th June 2014

End of Year Awards 2014

Congratulations to all of our pupils for excellent exam results all through the year. The BATD certificates, medals and trophies were presented at our awards evening in June followed by our own dancer awards. Thank you to everyone who came along and supported the event and to all of our dancers and their families who came along throughout the year.

Excellent Attendance

Niamh McAra – Tiny Tots class
Sophie Mullin – Tiny Tots class
Athene McCluskie – Tiny Tot class
Zahra Henderson – Tiny Tot class
Aimee Fields – Starlite class
Abigail McAra – Pre-Bronze 1 class
Gemma Spratt – Pre-Bronze 2 class
Reese Hannah – Bronze 2 class
Ashleigh Moir – Bronze 2 class
Jennifer Bruce – British Medallion class
Samantha Burnett – British Award class

Perfect Attendance

Megan Seymour – Pre-Bronze 2 class

Achievement Awards

Tap: Iona McCluckie
Modern Stage: Reese Hannah
Majorette: Jasmine Hendry
Ballet: Sarah Burns

Dancer Awards

Young Dancer of the Year: Kaylin Skivington
Junior Dancer of the Year: Jessica Mullin
Senior Dancer of the Year: Kirsty Martin

Dancer of the Year

Congratulations to Millie Haazen, our dancer of the year for 2014.

Our youngest winner of the trophy so far, Millie started in the Tiny Tots class and has achieved excellent exam results in Starlite and First Steps levels. She takes main classes in tap, modern and majorette and additional ballet classes.

Dancer of the Year East Kilbride 2014